HERNANDO COUNTY, Fla. -- With students still at home from coronavirus concerns, some teachers in Hernando County wanted to make sure they still felt connected to one another by writing chalk messages outside students’ homes.  

  • Hernando County teachers left positive messages for students
  • Schools are temporarily closed due to coronavirus
  • Teachers wrote chalk messages outside students' homes on Saturday

“We wanted to make sure to brighten their day just a little bit,” Spring Hill Elementary Teacher Kristen Bilodeau said.

Bilodeau got the idea when she needed to get their book of the month to their students.

And now she’s gotten her colleagues involved.

On Saturday, they went to each of Brittany Tyler’s students’ homes, 28 in total, to ensure each kid got a special message.

Tyler wrote that she misses the students and hopes they stay healthy.

“I miss them they always call me mom they’re like we’re all your kids you have 28 kids,” Tyler said.

And while they may be physically apart now, they hope each word will make students feel that much closer to their class.

“I hope they know that we care about them and that they make a big difference in our lives,” Tyler said.