ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — If you're one of the many people who've lost a job because of the coronavirus, you know how frustrating it's been to try and apply for unemployment.

  • Floridians who do not have a current open Reemployment Assistance claim should complete their application online at
  • To utilize the user-friendly online Reemployment Assistance application or to download the paper Reemployment Assistance application, Floridians should visit

To try and fix the problems plaguing the system, Florida's Department of Economic Opportunity just unveiled a new website.

Unlike the old site, users should be able to access it from your cell phone.

State officials are optimistic the beefed up system will be able to handle the amount of people using it right now.

But users are still having problems and have a lot of unanswered questions.

People are mainly asking when they'll actually receive benefits, issues with logging in, questions as to whether they need to do something different if they've already submitted through the old site.

Governor Ron DeSantis is trying to find a solution.

Earlier this week, he announced the state planned to install 72 new servers, hire more staff and relocate some state workers to help the DEO process the tens of thousands of applications coming in.

DEO officials said the agency received more than 500,000 unemployment applications causing a massive backlog to the system, which means people aren't receiving any benefits, or even confirmation of benefits, for several weeks.

The DEO also is making paper forms available due to the issues with the system online.

You can print and drop off a paper application at any FedEx location near you.

The DEO still encourages any Floridian who lost their job due to covid-19 to apply for unemployment benefits.