SPRING HILL, Fla. — Some Spring Hill PE teachers are making sure students are saying safe and healthy in this time of social distancing through “drive-by” PE classes. 

  • Idea started at Deltona Elementary
  • Teachers have been able to visit dozens of students so far
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“The kids get a workout and we get to see them. We haven’t seen them in over a month, so it’s nice,” said Deltona Elementary PE Teacher Michael Helfand. 

Helfand says during a recent Zoom meeting, their principal at Deltona Elementary encouraged them to think "outside the box."

“I really didn’t think it was much of an idea but I thought maybe going to houses and my wife said it was a great idea,” he explained. 

And that’s exactly what they did. A small group of teachers has been heading from house to house, giving students a personalized workout while practicing social distancing.

It’s something they say is so important for the students’ both physical and mental health. 

“They’re doing all their online stuff in the house and it helps the brain if they can get out and move around,” Helfand explained. 

Parents, meanwhile, tell us it means a lot for the teachers to make this extra effort. 

“It gives us a sense of pride in our community that our teachers are coming to our houses to say 'hi' to the kids and make sure that they’re all doing well,” Kristie Licht said. 

The teachers tell us they started this last week, making the rounds a few days each week, and have been able to visit dozens of students so far.