PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. -- Many local restaurants are relying heavily on takeout and delivery orders to help sustain their businesses. 

Some owners say who you choose to deliver your food may be hurting more than helping them. 

Andy Salyards, owner of Urban Brew & BBQ, said hiring corporate delivery businesses like Uber Eats, Grubhub, and Bite Squad comes at a steep price. 

"And now takeout is all of our business and so corporate delivery services are a huge chunk of that. So the 30%, we just can afford to pay," said Owner of Urban Brew & BBQ Andy Salyards. 

In one week, Uber Eats made 22 deliveries for Urban Brew & BBQ -- totaling more than $500. Uber Eats portion of that was nearly $200. 

Mitch Faber who owns Old Key West Bar and Grill said the price for corporate delivery is too high for him too. 

In an email from Uber Eats, officials stated "commissions paid by restaurant partners are what make it possible for us to provide the services that restaurants have come to expect."

The company also stated that it's changing its billing method to ease the weekly costs to restaurants, and even waving delivery fees for customers. 

However, Salyards said that's not enough, so he has dropped all his corporate delivery partnerships and is starting to deliver on his own and he said it's making a difference. 

"Since the beginning of this, we've been able to bring back 6 employees full time and another two kinda part time and a huge chunk of that is us doing our own delivery groceries, are own delivery meals," Salyards said. 

Several other local businesses are planning to cancel their partnerships this week with corporate delivery companies as well.