PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. -- There are probably a lot of people out there right now who can’t wait to get their haircut. Well we know of a nurse from John’s Hopkins All Children’s Hospital who just got his haircut for free! But the barber isn’t what you would call a professional.

Registered Nurse Daniel Simms let 14-year-old Dylan Noriega give him a haircut in his hospital room.

This haircut was all apart of a deal Simms made with the teen. Noriega is battling cancer and didn’t want to shave his hair when he started losing it during chemotherapy.

Simms said he would shave his head if Dylan shaved his head. It gets even better, he agreed to let Noriega use the clippers to do it. 

Both of them held up to their end of the deal and it meant a lot to the teen and his mom.

“It made me happy. I was sitting there shaving it all off. Because his wife, he has a wife and I was like what’s she gonna think about this?,” Noriega said.

Simms admitted he was a bit nervous at first. “It was a little scary I’m not gonna lie and the video, he does not go lightly,” Simms said. “He’s shaving pretty hard. I lost a little bit of skin. But other than that it was pretty good."                                          

Dylan says he hopes this uplifts other kids battling cancer or any other sicknesses. 

Simms told us he’s not ruling out getting another haircut from the teen in the future if barber shops aren’t back open soon.