TAMPA, Fla. — The Tampa Downtown Partnership is targeting businesses impacted by coronavirus with a $50,000 grant program which will help them cover rent and utility payments during the slowdown.

The grant is called Downtown Tampa's Reinvestment and Relief Program and will award up to 50 businesses with $1,000 grants.

"The partnership is great", said Karen Carr, owner of Moxie's Cafe on Tampa Street.  "Any help they give us usually is great help for the downtown area.

“Downtown businesses appreciate it very much whatever they can do, and I know we do as well."

Moxie's just reopened this week. They were shut down for six weeks due to coronavirus restrictions.

Monday was a slow day for the owners while were waiting for customers to walk through the door.

April was even worse. The restaurant took a big loss without dine in service, yet the lease was still due.

The Tampa Downtown Partnership is targeting these businesses that need help through its reinvestment and relief program.

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