TAMPA, Fla. — A fairly typical summer thunderstorm pattern will build in for the next week.

What You Need To Know

  • Winds will be light on Wednesday

  • The best rain chance is in Polk County

  • Rain chances will go up for the rest of the week

  • Get the 7-Day Forecast

With Isaias to our north in the mid-Atlantic States and high pressure over the Bahamas, we have a west wind. 

The humidity will be high today, so your air conditioner will be working overtime, which is very common for August.

A few showers will begin late morning or midday closer to the coast before moving inland this afternoon.

Later in the day, the east coast sea breeze will work over and our west-coast sea breeze will move inland. This could trigger scattered to numerous thunderstorms in the afternoon over the interior of the state.

Some of these storms might work back toward the coast during the evening.  

Boating Forecast

Winds will be light on Wednesday from the south. By afternoon, a weak sea breeze will push in along the coast and trigger some showers and thunderstorms.

Bay and inland waters will be smooth to a light chop. Seas on the Gulf will be running around one foot.

By late afternoon, some thunderstorms could reform around Tampa Bay.

Rainy Season

The next three weeks are the peak of our normal summer rainy season. Past summers have been very wet, but this year is much drier so far. 

But, even a drier summer can still feature plenty of storms. The chances of a thunderstorm at your house are the highest for about the next two-three weeks than any other time during the year, according to 30 years of weather records.  

So, keep an eye on Klystron9 for typical pop up summer thunderstorms, that can have frequent lightning and gusty winds.