ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Summer camp is more than just fun for kids, it's affordable daycare for working parents. 

What You Need To Know

The City of St. Petersburg said helping working parents is one of the main reasons why officials decided to keep camp on schedule this summer. 

"It won't look like any summer we've ever had before, but it will definitely provide child care for as many families as we can fit into our facilities," St. Pete Leisure Services Administrator Mike Jefferis said. 

The city will only be able to handle less than half of the 3,000 kids they normally have in summer camps with some strick social distancing guidelines. 

"The groups will really become, for lack of a better term, a family this summer and that family of one coach and 9 participants will move all summer together and we won't have intermixing," Jefferis said. 

St. Pete's summer camp begins June 1. 

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Hear from one parent who said the summer camp is allowing her to bring her son home, after making the tough decision to send him to her parents in Nebraska so she could continue working.