FLORIDA -- There will soon be more options for coronavirus testing across Florida. 

What You Need To Know

  • Publix, Home Depot to add testing sites

  • Six sites will be added across the state

  • Site locations have not been set yet

  • More coronavirus news

Publix and Home Depot will be adding several testing sites each. They join several other retailers like CVS, which are offering tests as well. 

Governor DeSantis said these retail sites have been very important to testing. He said the state has done 200 thousand tests at just the drive-through sites. 

The state is providing staffing and equipment at these locations. These sites can conduct up to 100 tests per day. 

The governor said adding in more testing sites at places where people are shopping will help figure out where the cases are. 

"What we're finding is that we have the capacity to do at least 10,000 test per day, just from the drive-thru sites. But we typically only have demand for about half that much," DeSantis said. 

Publix and Home Depot will be adding three sites each across the state. However, they have yet to determine where those locations are. They could add more if needed.