FLORIDA -- The Florida Education Association, which represents thousands of teachers and school employees, has come up with a lengthy list of recommendations for reopening schools.

  • FULL LIST of recommendations below: 

Among the recommendations are:

  • A plan for transporting students safely that accounts for social distancing on buses.
  • No-touch hand sanitizer outside and inside each classroom, and outside all bathrooms so students can clean their hands before entering and upon exiting along with regular "sanitization breaks" during the day.
  • Consider alternative calendars-incorporate physical distancing into the school schedule with split schedules, smaller class sizes, hybrid education models, staggered mealtimes, cohorting of groups of students for the entire day rather than switching classes.
  • Suspend current accountability system including standardized tests, school grades, and VAM scores.
  • Sufficient funding for PPE for all staff and students.

The recommendations will be forwarded to the Florida Department of Education which has its own group working to formulate an official re-opening plan.