SPRING HILL, Fla. — A Springstead High School senior hopes his invention will help provide some peace of mind for shoppers using shopping carts and trying to stay safe from coronavirus. 

What You Need To Know

  • Braden Krueger's "Germ Buffers" all made by hand

  • Device can be slipped on and off shopping cart handles easily, washed, sanitized

  • Learn more at http://germbuffer.com

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Braden Krueger has devoted his time and ingenuity to providing people a tool to fight germs while heading to the grocery store.

“We’d go to the stores and I’d notice especially now a lot of stores were out of wipes,” he explained.

That’s where Krueger’s “Germ Buffer” comes into play. It can easily slip onto a cart handle while shopping. The cloth exterior can then be washed and sanitized so it can be re-used.

Each one is hand made by Krueger.

“I learned how to sew just to do this, so that’s a new skill I learned recently,” he said.

He said after missing out on so many senior year activities because of COVID-19 he wanted to do something to help slow the spread.

“I feel like we should be able to do as much as possible to prevent the spread of germs, whether it’s COVID right now or even during flu season,” he said.  

While he’s just recently started, he has no plans to stop, even while studying at Villanova University in the fall.

“It’s something that I think could make a difference, so I think why not just keep doing it?” he explained.

Krueger said he plans to study marketing or management while in college to help him in his ultimate goal of owning a business.

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