It was a victorious day for the LGBT community Monday as the Supreme Court made a decision that some say will change history.

What You Need To Know

In the 6-3 vote, companies will no longer have a right to discriminate against LGBT people in the workplace.

“As an out and proud gay man, I’m ecstatic,” said Michael Womack, communications manager with Equality Florida.

Now, sexual orientation and gender identity will fall under the sex discrimination umbrella.

“If you discriminate against me because I’m a man in a relationship with another man, but you wouldn’t if I was a woman, you’re discriminating against me based on my sex. So the court has made it very clear that that is now prohibited,” said Jon Davidson, chief counsel of Freedom of All Americans.

Activists hope will be the start of change here in Florida, too.

“We would like to see the governor and the Florida legislature take action and co-defy these protections that the Supreme Court has signaled into law,” said Womack.

In a Zoom conference held Monday, members of the group Equality Florida gathered to speak about how far we’ve come, and where they hope to see things go.

“There are no federal bans on sex discrimination in public spaces like hotels and restaurants and store,” said Davidson.

Now, Equality Florida is challenging the local government to secure all protections at a state level.

And, they say, based on recent events, there’s no better time to call for change.

“If you look at how much this country has changed since March in response to Covid and in response to a nation that did not look away for eight minutes and 46 seconds, I think there’s a recognition that equity and justice are at the forefront of people’s thinking right now,” said Nadine Smith, executive director of Equality Florida.

In statements released to Spectrum Bay News 9, the Florida Democratic Party and Congressman Charlie Crist have spoken out in favor of the decision.

We also reached out to the Florida Republican Party but have not yet heard back.