HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. - Parents of children who attend Hillsborough County Public Schools are being asked to decide how they want their children to attend school this fall.

What You Need To Know

But some parents are complaining they can't make that decision because they're not clear about what they're signing up for.

The district sent out an email this week which included a "Declaration of Intent" form.

It asks parents to choose between three options and that choice could be in effect for at least one semester.

Superintendent Addison Davis is tentatively planning to reopen schools with traditional, in-person classes five days a week, so that is one option.

Parents are also being given the option to choose E-Learning which includes live, online classes with a teacher from their school.

The third option is Hillsborough Virtual School where students work more independently and check in periodically.

School board chairwoman Melissa Snively talked about the situation at Thursday's Hillsborough County Emergency Policy Group meeting.

"We all know that this situation is very fluid and it changes weekly. The superintendent is doing his best to get feedback from parents to see what they're comfortable doing," she said.

School officials have said they need parents to fill out the forms now so the district can figure out staffing.

Amanda Dietrich has two children who attend schools in Hillsborough County.

She said she doesn't feel comfortable making a choice for them without more information.

"There are parents who need their children to go back into the school and they need that information on how that's going to be accomplished safely. Then there are parents like me who are going to keep their children home while I work from home but we need more information about that, too," she said.

The district has uploaded videos with Superintendent Davis talking about the choices.

Snively also posted on her Facebook page hat Davis plans to do several Virtual Q & A sessions early next week.

"I will tell you though that the health and safety of our students and our teachers and our staff is still going to be the number one priority for our school district," she said.

The form is due on Friday, July 10.

For more information on the district's reopening plan, click here.