BROOKSVILLE, Fla. — Fireworks weren’t the only thing lighting up a Brooksville neighborhood Saturday night.

What You Need To Know

  • Multiple Bay area fires on 4th of July 

  • Fires reported in Crystal River, Clearwater and Tampa

  • Fire officials investigating cause of fires

Logan Passmann, 10, said he was on the way to a neighbor's house when he spotted the flames coming from a home on Boca Raton Street.

“I saw the fire and I was like, ‘Help, there’s a fire! Help! It might spread,’” said Passmann.

He says he couldn’t believe it, and jumped into action.

Neighbors said they weren’t surprised when they heard sirens coming down the street, especially on the Fourth of July.

“No exception, it was lit up crazy. It sounded like a war zone out here all around,” said neighbor Andrew Puckett.

The siding of the home was melted, and underneath was completely burnt out, but neighbors say it could have been a lot worse.

“It was empty, there’s a couple empty ones over there. If it was going to happen to one, that would be the one,” said Puckett.


Thankfully, the fire was put out fairly quickly and no one was injured.

This isn’t the only fire we saw that could have been from fireworks.

In Town ’N’ Country, a home was destroyed.

The family who lives there didn’t want to speak on camera, but say they heard fireworks going off all night before their house caught fire.

In both neighborhoods, people say they are a bit rattled by the situation.

“It’s weird, you don’t think about it happening in your neighborhood until it does,” said Puckett.

At this point, the cause of neither fire has been officially confirmed.​

Meanwhile, in Clearwater, fire officials said crews worked three house fires related to fireworks.

One started on a roof, the other two started when someone put fireworks inside a garbage can that were not properly extinguished and the burning can then caught the adjacent house on fire.