HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. -- Hillsborough County parents only have a few more days to decide how they want their children to attend school in the fall. 

They're being asked to submit a declaration of intent on Friday. 

Hillsborough Schools have given three options to parents and students for the upcoming school year -- and as parents review those options, Governor Ron DeSantis could announce the state's plan to reopen schools as early as today. 

Hillsborough's plan includes giving students the choice between going back to traditional school, continuing e-learning from home, or move in to the Florida virtual school program for home schooled students. 

The district needs a head count of students in each program so it can determine where teachers and staff will be needed. 

Parents will have to submit their declaration of intent by Friday, and although that intent isn't necessarily binding, the district said if many parents change their minds between this Friday and the start of school, it could cause an organizational nightmare. 

One big issue for parents and students is whether masks will be required. Right now, the district will not require students to wear masks, however doctors at Baycare signed an open letter to the district over the weekend asking them to mandate masks.