BRADENTON, Fla. -- The coronavirus shut down most businesses this spring. There are a few notable exceptions though. This is a silver lining story.

Animals rescue shelters are seeing unprecedented requests for new “forever” family members. 

And in the best possible news at one shelter-- the animals are staying put.

Even though they are closed to the public, Nate’s Honor Animal Rescue in Bradenton is experiencing unprecedented success at placing pets. 

The adoption counselors are now working with would-be pet owners more closely online and on the phone before they even see an animal.

This has made a positive difference.

So far their placement rate since the coronavirus disrupted life back in March is 100%.

“Covid 100% changed the way that we will do shelter--animal sheltering going forward,” said Dari Oglesby, Executive Director at Nate’s Honor Rescue. "We will definitely keep some of the policies and procedures that we have implemented during this time.”

Oglesby says it’s a win-win for the shelter animals and families.

The shelter is not able to keep their dog cottages filled because of demand. But they are also undergoing some construction. So even as businesses are opening, Nate’s will continue their by-appointment only safety precautions for now.

As people are starting to spend more time outside of their homes, Oglesby says there are a few things you can do to help your pet adjust. Leaving your home for short periods of time can help your animal get used to your absence. Oglesby says dogs don’t experience time like humans, so you don’t have to be gone for more than 10 minutes or so-- just a socially distanced walk around the block or quick safe drive around the neighborhood.