NATIONWIDE — For the second time in 2020, nationwide tool retailer Harbor Freight has been forced to issue a recall on 3-ton steel jack stands used to support vehicles for automotive work.

This week, company owner and founder Eric Smidt sent an email to customers explaining the need for the recall.

"I'm disappointed and embarassed," Smidt said in the email. 

He goes on to explain that the product in question, Pittsburgh-brand 3-ton steel jack stands (SKU 56373), has a welding defect. The stands were meant to replace a previous Pittsburgh product (SKU 56371) that was recalled earlier in the year, also due to a manufacturer's defect.

The product identified in the email has since been added to the original recall for the other jack stands and has been removed from Harbor Freight's website.

The graphic below shows the originally recalled steel jack stands with SKU numbers 56371, 61196, and 61197. If you own any of these jacks or if you own the newer jack with SKU 56373, you can bring them back to a Harbor Freight store location for a full cash refund or store credit.




For more information on the recall, visit the company's recalls page.