MADEIRA BEACH, Fla. -- This week's Everyday Hero is thinking outside the box to make sure her students are still having fun. 

What You Need To Know

  • Lisa Greeno is this week's Everyday Hero

  • Greeno is the Children's Ministry Director at Church by the Sea in Madeira Beach

  • Greeno made sure her kids still got to enjoy Vacation Bible School -- even if it was virtually

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Along with the congregation, lots of other people know the Church by the Sea in Madeira Beach because it looks like a giant chicken from the outside. 

It says it right on the church's website, so you know there's got to be some fun people inside. 

Lisa Greeno is the Children's Ministry Director who was faced with a big problem -- how to get the kids together for Vacation Bible School during the pandemic?

"It was kind of sad for everybody. They were upset they weren't going to be able to have that typical time together. So God just called our team to think out of the box," Greeno said. 

The team sent the kids fun boxes each day related to VBS. 

"So we took boxes and we packed them for each day with snacks and t-shirts," she said. 

Classes were set up via Zoom for each of the age groups and it turned out to be a big success. 

"They all just came on and had fun putting crafts together, playing silly games. I just had to get creative," Greeno said. 

Creative, and at times, silly. Like when Lisa sent home cool whip and gold fish crackers, you know, the snack that smiles back. The game was to see how many gold fish you could stick to your smiling face after applying the cool whip. 

As the kids ministery director and a mother and grandmother, Greeno still somehow found time to work on a Master's Degree in Family Ministry. 

With her deep faith and upbeat attitude, Greeno said we're all going to get through this. 

"Since we can't be together, we can still get through it together."