ORLANDO, Fla. — On Tuesday, the Trump administration announced in a memo it will reject new applicants for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program — and make renewals annual rather than every two years.

5 Things to Know 

  1. Patrice Johnson, an Orlando immigration lawyer, said the annual renewal fee could deter anyone from doing so. The current DACA renewal fee is $495. Johnson also said June’s U.S. Supreme Court decision did not indicate the Trump administration could add a memo to DACA.
  2. The Trump administration hasn’t accepted any new DACA applications since 2017, when it rescinded the program. 
  3. Frank Torres, a Republican political analyst, said the timing of the announcement is confusing; there are fewer than 100 days from the presidential election. “If he’s interested in earning any of the votes, specifically from Hispanic voters in November, he’s taking a step backward with his confusing actions from his administration,” Torres said.
  4. The memo also states all pending or new applications for advance parole, which permits DACA recipients to leave the country and potentially re-enter, will be rejected. Before the memo, advance parole applications could be granted if the application falls under three categories — humanitarian, educational, or employment. 
  5. Ivan Vazquez, a DACA recipient, said he may no longer see his ailing grandmother in Mexico now. “Advanced parole is not an option, and with this political climate, I wouldn’t even risk it, as much as I want to visit my grandma in case she passes away,” Vazquez said.