NATIONWIDE — Since the outset of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States, demand has outpaced supply when it comes to those handy Clorox disinfecting wipes, and the situation isn’t anticipated to improve in the near future.

What You Need To Know

  • Limited supply of Clorox wipes available on store shelves, online

  • CEO says demand will exceed production until at least 2021

  • Material used to make Clorox wipes in short supply

Speaking to Reuters, CEO Benno Dorer said the company is dealing with a six-fold increase in demand for disinfecting products. The supply chain is strained, and the situation is likely to worsen when flu season arrives.

Part of the problem, Dorer said, is that unlike other disinfecting products, wipes are typically made from polyester spunlace, a material which is currently in short supply.

Dorer said he expects the company won’t be able to meet demand until 2021.

A check on Amazon August 4 for Clorox wipes yielded mixed results. Wipes sold by the company were listed as out of stock. They are available from other sellers, but you’ll pay a great deal. One seller listed a regular container of wipes for $18.50 plus $15.49 for shipping. Another seller listed a 75-count container of wipes for $22.95 plus $7.05 for shipping.