They’ve been making the best out of a bad situation since the pandemic began, turning a parking lot into an outside dining room.

Judy and George Shapow set up their table for two outside a Brevard County McDonald’s.

What You Need To Know

  • A photo of Judy and George Shapow eating breakfast outside a fast food restaurant went viral.

  • They've since become local celebrities.

  • The Shapows are considered at high risk for COVID-19 complications.

“Life has changed a lot. Number one – we are stuck at the house, which is what prompted this,” George explains.

What he and his wife didn’t know was that a single photo captured by a complete stranger would turn them into internet sensations in the age of social distancing – and for just being an adorable couple.

“She asked if she could take our picture, and we said sure. But we didn't realize it was going to be posted on the internet,” Judy told Spectrum News.

The couple says they've been having breakfast in the parking lot since March and plan to continue their morning routine at least 4 days a week until the pandemic is over.

The Shapows said they are considered high risk for COVID-19 complications not only because of their age, but also because of other health issues.

“Even if the restaurant takes every precaution, the risk goes up. And I'm not willing to take that risk,” George explains.

“George has every condition the CDC tells you, if you have that, stay away,” Judy shared.

So, the Shapows are doing just that, but they’re staying close to each other.

They say, since their photo went viral, people stop to take pictures with them every day.