NATIONWIDE – Now, more than ever, shopping for holidays gifts online looks like a better option. There’s no end to the coronavirus pandemic in sight, and social distancing measures may discourage some people from traditional shopping. 

What You Need To Know

  • UPS tacking on surcharge for companies that ship in high volumes

  • Speculation is cost could be passed on to consumers

  • Won't affect small package shipments from UPS Store locations

  • UPS anticipating large number of packages due to ongoing pandemic 

You’ll likely be paying more this year if those packages are shipped by UPS.

UPS, anticipating being overwhelmed with the number of packages it will need to ship this fall, has announced a surcharge of several dollars on companies that ship high numbers of packages.

Those companies will have to deal with those surcharges if they exceed the typical volume of packages they ship. It’s a safe bet that retailers including Amazon and Target will pass those costs on to consumers.

A company that ships more than 25,000 packages per week will have to pay an additional $1 to $4, though it will depend on if it is shipped via ground or air.

The good news is you won’t be affected if you’re shipping a small package from a UPS Store or elsewhere.