HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. — On Monday, students throughout Hillsborough County will head back to the classroom.

The families of those students heading back chose on-campus learning. Other students will continue the year with virtual learning as school districts continue to maneuver education during the pandemic.

Reopening school doors was somewhat up in the air last week. A lawsuit made its way to court last week involving the Florida Educators Association and the state.

The FEA sued the state over the mandate to reopen schools in August. Eventually a judge issued a stay, keeping the mandate in place.

So now it's time for parents to think about how they're getting kids to school this week. It's been nearly six months since kids were riding the bus or driving to school.

That’s why officials are making sure everyone’s aware of new safety measures they’ve implemented during the stay at home orders.

 And many of those changes are in the south county, including new laws like reduced speed limits from 45 to 35 miles per hour.

And installing new flashing crosswalks in front of Belmont Elementary.

They’ve also refreshed pavement markings and signs at schools across the district.

School officials understand that it may be a bit overwhelming to get back on the roads, back to that normal routine - so they encourage you to be patient and to be careful.

"It’s not only the residents but it’s for all of us in Hillsborough County," said Bob Campbell, with Hillsborough County Public Works. "We’re worried about the safety of children and all motor vehicle drivers, these are all safety improvements for parents, school employees and the motoring public out here."

In addition to those changes, Hillsborough County sheriff’s crossing guards will have electronic whistles.

That way they can keep their face masks on when helping your kids get across the street safely.

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