PENSACOLA BEACH, Fla. — Crews from Duke Energy could be returning from the Panhandle as early as Monday evening. 

Roughly 220 crews from across the state traveled to the Panhandle last week to assist in helping Gulf Power get the electricity back on to more than a half million people following Hurricane Sally

What You Need To Know

“We’ve seen a lot of the work shift from the main lines, getting those back on to bring on thousands of customers, to now the neighborhood work that brings on smaller numbers of customers every time, so it’s a little slower going,” said Jeff Brooks with Duke Energy. 

During the first day of restoration, Duke Energy crews were able to work quickly.

However, rain and wind over the weekend did slow the process some. 

“We have seen the weather deteriorate over the last couple of days,” Brooks explained. “We had a good first work day but now we’re seeing a lot of rain and even some wind and that can potentially cause some new outages.” 

Crews encountered downed trees and power lines, broken poles, and a number of flooded areas.