LAKELAND, Fla. — A wild turkey found itself in Lake Morton in Lakeland this week.

What You Need To Know

Residents in the area say the turkey started out walking the neighborhood but then comfortably landed with the swans.

“I came outside in my underwear to get a look at him,” said Lakeland resident Michael “Mookie” Wilson. “I’ve only seen turkeys like that in rural areas in Florida, not around here.”

Wilson is now personally invested in the well-being of the turkey and he’s joined with dozens of residents who feel the same.

“We’ve got a poll for his name here in the Lake Morton area,” said Brad Sundgren. “We’re campaigning hard for Morton.”

Right now there are seven names that the neighborhood is voting on.

“Well there’s Morton,” said Sundgren. “That’s my choice but there’s also: Gary, Lurkey, Turkey McTurkface, Morty, Drumstick, Dinner and Faux Swan.”

Spectrum Bay News 9 spotted the turkey in his usual spot along Lake Morton but couldn’t get him to comment. However, his lawyer, Timothy Darby tracked us down with his statement on the poll of names.

“There’s a turkey that chose our community and he’s dealing with issues as far as his actual name,” explained Darby. “That’s been a challenge but we’re here to fix that because he already has a name and it’s Gary Turkey.”

The final vote for the turkey’s name is October 1. Polls close at 7 p.m. for those in the community who would like to cast their vote.  ​