On Wednesday, October 7, Puerto Rico Gov. Wanda Vazquez endorsed President Donald Trump’s reelection, which drew mixed reactions among Central Florida's Puerto Ricans community.

What You Need To Know

“The future of Puerto Rico depends on what this president has done,” Bertica Morris, a Latinos for Trump board member, said.

“It’s disappointing, but we have done this before. We have ousted governors before, and we know when politicians are just playing the game,” Jerick Mediavilla, a first-time presidential election voter, said.

Vazquez, the second female governor in the island’s history, made the endorsement on Telemundo Puerto Rico.

Political analyst Frank Torres said because Puerto Ricans on the island can’t vote for a president, the endorsement was to motivate Central Florida Puerto Ricans to vote for Trump.

“They have family on the island, so while it swings the opinion of some voters who are still kind of conflicted over who to vote for, it won’t be a complete clean endorsement because there’s a lot of controversy to go around,” he said.

Vazquez isn’t an elected governor, and she lost to Pedro Pierluisi in the primaries, the same person she replaced. Pierluisi was removed from office, after the island’s highest court ruled he was unconstitutionally sworn in.

Torres said, while it is a victory for Trump, it's just a small victory for now because of the controversy that surrounds Vazquez.

“It’s not going to be a major defeat for the Biden campaign," he said. "It’s still a slight concern but they’re still going to win the majority of the Hispanic vote in Florida."