Editor's note: A previous version of this story incorrectly reported the number of teachers who would lose their jobs. We also changed the wording from “layoffs” to “eliminated” for clarification. 

Superintendent Addison Davis called a plan to reduce district payroll costs a “staffing adjustment” in a letter to families with children in Hillsborough County Public Schools.

According to our news partner the Tampa Bay Times, 105 teachers with temporary positions will no longer be employed by the district. Hundreds of other teachers could be reassigned.

What You Need To Know

  • 333 positions will be eliminated.

  • 424 vacant positions will not be filled.

  • 20 district-level staffers will lose their jobs.

  • The cuts will save the district $45 million.

“Please understand that staffing adjustments occur every year in districts across the state based on student enrollment,” Davis wrote. “During this time, master schedules, student schedules, and teacher assignments may be adjusted in an effort to provide equity across our district.”

He explained the “allocation” process normally takes place at the beginning of October, but challenges posed by the pandemic have pushed it to the end of the first grading quarter.

“This will provide for a natural transition for students, employees, and families,” Davis continued.

According to the superintendent, the district will eliminate 333 positions, but teachers hired before August 14, 2020 will not lose their jobs. They may, however, be “reassigned to open positions at other schools or assigned to a different role at their current site.”

Another 20 district-level staffing positions will be cut and 424 vacant positions will not be filled.

“All of these adjustments reduce active payroll by approximately $45 million, which helps decrease our operational budget gap for this fiscal year,” Davis wrote.

He assured parents the district's actions will not result in a cut to music, art, and physical education programs.