By now, most of us have a loved one or know someone who is struggling with working from home since the pandemic started. 

Getting used to all the added technology can be a bit overwhelming at times, but for seniors who may already feel isolated, learning the skills they need to stay connected can feel impossible.

Ming Yang wanted to help.

She’s a 25-year-old Florida woman, who started a new online tech help company called Orchard

What You Need To Know

  • Orchard is a compay that helps seniors with technology

  • It was founded by 25-year-old Ming Yang.

“My Mom and I moved from China to the U. when I was 11. We didn’t really have anything. We started from like $500 each month,” she said.

It’s always been her dream to take care of her family. 

In college she majored in computer engineering and was on a good track, interning with Apple and Microsoft. 

But, she was far away and couldn’t help her Mom.

“She needed to apply for health insurance, and she couldn’t do that because she didn’t know how to use technology,” she said.

From there, Ming gave up a high-paying tech opportunity to launch Orchard to help seniors.

“Our family tends to not ask us for the extra stuff because they don’t want to bother us. They only ask for the essentials,” she said.

Orchard is a simple concept. You point out what you need to learn, you get teamed up with an Orchard Techie, and they take you step by step. 

They can start at turning on your computer, to logging into Facebook, organizing Zoom calls, and everything in between. 

“They’ve been tremendous. Starting in March, they helped me set up my technology,” said client Susan Lake.

Often times it’s difficult for family to teach family because emotions run high.

“So relaxed, so professional, always ready to help me. All I had to do is make a call, and they’re instantly there,” Lake said.

As for Ming, she’s able to fulfill that life goal of taking care of her family.

 “The biggest thing for me is following my dreams and helping a group of people that I deeply care about,” she said.