The election may be over, but streets are still littered with those ever-present political signs.

What You Need To Know

Now, the Sarasota Honey Company is hoping to unify everyone — by recycling those signs and saving bees in the process. 

“These signs are the perfect size to keep bees warm, and ward off pests,” said Sarasota Honey Company owner Alama Johnson. 

Johnson explains with the recent heavy downpour, and colder months ahead, the bees are at risk of beetles and mites. 

“The bees don’t have a party affiliation, they don’t care if you voted for Biden or Trump,” Johnson said. “I think something sweet can come out of this by coming together, literally.” 

The Sarasota Honey Company is asking anyone to drop off signs during business hours. 

Click here for the Sarasota Honey Company’s website.