ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Last week, Nicaragua was battered by then Hurricane Eta and the storm left thousands of families without their homes. The weakened storm then hit Honduras. Sol Relief, based in St. Petersburg, is collecting donations to help people impacted by the storm.

What You Need To Know

  • St. Petersburg-based Sol Relief is collecting donations for Central American victims of Hurricane Eta

  • The group will send the monetary donations to people on the ground to buy supplies

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The disaster relief organization is sending monetary donations to people on the ground in Central America so they can buy supplies and distribute them.

“These are people that have done this kind of stuff in the past and so I think we’re really fortunate that we were able to connect with them,” said Tracy Harris, Director of Operations for Sol Relief.

Harris says so far they’ve assisted 5,031 families in need in Nicaragua, where they are working with the Verbo Church network in towns and villages there. They are focusing on Puerto Cabezas, Walakitang, and the Miskito Villages along the Rio Coco. 

In Honduras, Sol Relief is working with a coalition of 50 women. They are using the donations to shop, pack items and then distribute them to people in need. 

One of the people helping on the ground in Nicaragua is Christopher Farrington. He’s from Florida and moved to Nicaragua 15 years ago. His family’s mission is helping people. He runs Open Hearts International Children’s Relief Mission in Nicaragua and while he lives far from where the storm hit, Farrington is collecting items to bring there.

“There’s a river that separates the whole rest of Nicaragua from Puerto Cabezas and the Rio Coco, and that river has not receded yet," he said. "So we’re collecting and we’re going to make that trip and fill up as many trucks as we can."

Farrington says his group is hoping to make the trip in the days to come. 

“When you see those pictures and you see the devastation it is incredibly real," he said. "Devastating. People have lost everything they have."

If you would like to donate to Sol Relief’s mission, click here.