CITRUS COUNTY, Fla. — It’s finally here, the first shipment of the Moderna vaccine and Citrus Memorial nurses and doctors are the first to get vaccinated and many of them say they are very grateful.

What You Need To Know

  • Citrus Memorial nurses and doctors are the first to get the Moderna vaccine

  • Vaccine distribution is still yet to be determined in Florida

  • Nurses still encourage social distancing and mask wearing even after the vaccine

ER clinical nurse coordinator Cheryl Bray told Spectrum Bay News 9’s Katya Guillaume, “It’s history, you’re part of history but there is a piece that is just phenomenal.

In a video captured on boomerang, Cheryl is seen celebrating just minutes after being the first person in the county to receive the vaccine.

“It’s a good Christmas gift, I have a grand-baby that I’ll be able to hug eventually, so it’s good. We’re grateful, very grateful,” Bray said.

Fighting back tears, Bray said this is a moment she’s been waiting on for a while.

“There’s some safety, an end in sight, some protection for us, for the community, for the patients,” she said.

The timeline for when others will receive the vaccine varies.

“Between production and delivery, and then how they determine from the Governor’s office how they are going to administer this will determine when people are able to get that,” Bray continued.

She added that when that time comes, it’s important to keep doing what we’ve all been doing for the past several months.

“Even though we’ve gotten the vaccine, we have a second dose we still need to get, but it’s still vitally important that people wear their masks, wash their hands and social distance appropriately so we can stop the spread of this virus.”

The hospital received a few hundred vaccines on December 23 and front line caregivers who work closely with COVID-19 patients were the first to get them. At this time, it’s unsure when the hospital will receive another shipment.