ORLANDO, Fla. – An Orlando church, Iglesia Episcopal Jesus de Nazaret, will help about 20 people who lost their jobs because of the coronavirus pandemic learn new skills to become more viable for the job market.

What You Need To Know

  • Orlando church partners with CareerSource

  • About 20 people who lost their jobs will learn new skills

  • The interns will earn about $15 an hour while training

The church partnered with Careersource to provide training for 20 interns, spread across six months.

The interns will receive at least $15 an hour while developing their media, English and business skills. The church will serve as a venue for the training and interns will receive access to its community services for their training.

“Primarily our food pantry, our COVID relief operations and then the environment we exist in all the virtual environment,” Fr. Jose Rodriguez said. “They’re here learn filming, editing, social media, and basically the skills they need to be successful in this changing job environment.”

The courses begin Monday. It’s the second time the church partnered with CareerSource. The first time was to help Hurricane Maria victims.

The church is asking the community to help donate any old technology that’s no longer needed.

Fr. Rodriguez said it would be used to help with the training.

Donations can be made at 26 Willow Dr. Orlando, Florida 32807.