The Polk County Sheriff's Office says one of its deputies has been arrested and accused of making written threats related to the violence at the Capitol in Washington D.C.

The deputy, Peter Heneen, has been with the department for about six and a half years and will be terminated, Sheriff Grady Judd said.

Polk County Sheriff's Deputy Peter Heneen (PCSO)

Judd said another deputy reported the action, making threats in connection with violence against the U.S. Capitol, to a lieutenant.

"Our deputy that reported this is a hero," Judd said, adding that the reporting deputy was also investigated but cooperated fully and is not in trouble.

The suspect is accused of a "mass shooting or act of terrorism" threat, Judd said.

Judd said Heneen had made comments such as "Need to make the streets of D.C. run red with the blood of the tyrants" and "should have dragged the tyrants into the streets and executed them."

The comments were filled with expletives, Judd said.

The sheriff added that he wanted his department to be transparent as it serves the public.

"You can't police the society if you don't first police yourself," he said.

PCSO released several screenshots of the messages Heneen allgedly sent.