A Hernando County man, who is no stranger to giving back to his community, has a Super Bowl ticket up for grabs.

Omar Gosh is celebrating a Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFC Championship victory with two tickets to the historic Super Bowl.

What You Need To Know

  • Hernando County man giving away one free Super Bowl ticket

  • Omar Gosh says he will select the person with the best story

  • Email your story to him at theomargosh@gmail.com by February 4

"It’s always been my childhood dream to go to the Super Bowl. It’s on my bucket list,” said Gosh.

Gosh has 3.75 million subscribers to YouTube channel, OmarGoshTV.

"I go to real creepy places. I do blogs with my family – a lot of fun and exciting videos,” said Gosh.

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The Bucs fan will soon have something exciting to post, when he gives away his second ticket the Super Bowl.

 "What I’m hoping to get out of this is somebody’s lifelong dream being fulfilled, bringing a smile to their face, maybe even bringing a smile to their family member’s face seeing their family member happy," Gosh told Spectrum News.

Gosh has an idea of who he'd like to join him.

"I wanted to share this opportunity with somebody who I felt I respected, somebody who I felt was well deserving, somebody who maybe had this on their bucket list, too,” Gosh said.

"My number one thought was maybe a serviceman, servicewoman – somebody whose gone to war, fought for my freedom, fought for your freedom.”

He's also considering teachers and health care workers.

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"I just want somebody with a really good story, somebody who’s deserving," said Gosh.

He says this is his way of giving back.

"I feel it would have been super easy to bring a family member or a friend with me, but this is a great way to make some new friends and some lifelong friends.”

If you’re interested in joining Omar at the Super Bowl, email your story to him at theomargosh@gmail.com by February 4.

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