Seventy-five people were charged with soliciting or selling sex as part of a Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office investigation during Super Bowl week.

What You Need To Know

  • 3 men charged with human trafficking

  • Investigation targeted massage parlors, hotels, motels, online chatrooms

  • BELOW: Hillsborough County Sheriff Chronister announces results of investigation

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Three men were charged with human trafficking, Sheriff Chad Chronister said Thursday.

Undercover deputies targeted massage parlors, hotels, motels, and online chatrooms known for illegal activity as part of “Operation Game Over.” The people arrested ranged in age from 19 to 73.

"The sickening practice of human trafficking is a crime that is nothing less than modern day slavery," Chronister said. "Escaping the wrath of a trafficker takes courage and in some cases, is nearly impossible. For this reason we have not and will not relent in our efforts to stop the demand and we are accomplishing this one arrest at a time."

The investigation lasted from February 1 to February 6.

Chronister said five adult victims – all women – were identified and rescued. A 17-year-old girl was also rescued. They are receiving support services, the sheriff said.

The three charged with human trafficking were identified as Juan Cano Jr., Alvin Lynch Jr., 34, and Scott Fitzgerald, 27.

"Individuals who buy sex, whether they know it or not, may be exploiting a human trafficking victim for their own pleasure," said Sheriff Chad Chronister. "Those who offer sexual services may be doing it against their will and an arrest may be their only chance at freedom."