Munn Park in downtown Lakeland has a new look thanks to returning local artists David Collins.

“The shape of the tree inspired this one,” said Collins. “It’s just something that lightens life a bit.”

The historic oak tree that sits at the corner of Munn Park is now wrapped in 400 yards of pink nylon type material that Collins said cost $3.65 a yard.  

“The city of Lakeland with the support of Julie Townsend approved the project,” said Collins. “I was imprinted in downtown a long time ago as far as public art; it started when I stretched wrapped all the poles downtown and then did the giraffe that was in the tree down here with lots of other animals that were on it.” 

Collins is not new to keeping the streets of Lakeland vibrant, fresh and welcoming. The newly wrapped tree can be seen as soon as you enter the downtown area.

“The material is rip stop which is nylon that they make parachutes and hot air balloons out of,” explained Collins.  "Some people will love this and others will think it's a waste of time. Everybody has an opinion about art and I just do my part to keep art moving in Lakeland." 

Collins and others that spent time on the project did the work for free, making this city beautifying effort more about passion than a paycheck. ​