ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Living large while living simply may be a new theme in St. Petersburg, now that a new type of dwelling is being developed in the city. 

Brand new apartments on 17th and Burlington in St. Pete are being built out of shipping containers. 

"We've always been very facinated by micro-spaces and sustainable building methods and also just offering something that is affordable for people," Brandon Casten, Co-Founder of Path Communities, said. 

Each unit is 40 feet deep and 8 feet wide, and costs just over $1000. While the whole thing is only about 320 square feet, the project manager said this is what people in St. Petersburg have been asking for. 

"We're living in Florida. You look around and have the opportunity for all these outdoor activities and people want to downsize and minimize and not have so much stuff," said Scott Brien, Co-Founder of Path Communities.

With the revitalization of the Trop and downtown St. Pete, most of the apartments will fall under Pinellas County workforce and affordable housing. 

Path Communities is currently in the permitting process with the city and plan to break ground by May first.