LITHIA, Fla. — You've may have heard the quote "It's never too late to be what you might have been."

And this week's A+ Teacher has had some exciting adventures throughout her career.

Now, Dr. Lori Bradner, is teaching kids in Hillsborough County how to reach for the stars and far beyond.

What You Need To Know

She teaches her Randall Middle School students there are no limits to their success.

"Never say no, even if you're a little bit afraid,” Dr. Bradner says of her message to students. “You're star stuff. Stars can do anything, and don't tell me the sky's the limit because there are footprints on the moon, and you can do it."

They call her Dr. B.

She's the Randall Middle School Avid Coordinator. Also, a national teacher of the year, she is getting kids college and career ready.

"Teaching them the critical thinking, the problem solving, the executive functioning skills," Bradner said.

She's a textbook example, with more energy than most. Dr. B knows all about making big dreams come true

Before landing in the classroom, Bradner secured a degree in zoology and genetics and was a research scientist and NASA educator.

And she first studied theater and attended clown college.

"I applied to Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Clown College,” she said. “They had two thousand applicants and they took 40 and low and behold, even without an audition, I was one of those, and I actually graduated and even toured with the Greatest Show on Earth."

Bradner said her four children inspired her to become a teacher.

"I get to share these skills and teach these skills and watch my scholars blossom,” she said. “They open like Lotus flowers.

“It's beautiful to see when they come in as 6th graders and they're scared and timid, and they leave as these 8th graders. They're like Umf!  'I am ready to conquer the world.’ You know bring it on! Captain America!"