TAMPA — The owners of Ella's Americana Folk Art Cafe are planning to adopt the historic Seminole Heights Baptist Church steeple once the church is demolished. 

The Church property was sold and will be replaced by an emergency room owned by Memorial Hospital of Tampa

But getting the tower in the possession of Ella's Cafe has presented a challenge for contractors who told the owner, Melissa Deming, they don't believe it can come down in one piece. 

"They feel like they can get the spire on the top down easily, but the rest of it they are concerned about what will crumble when things have to start being taken apart," Deming said. 

Some residents say they have come to terms with the church not being spared from the wrecking ball. However, they feel its important to preserve a piece of the historic building.

"If there is anyway possible to save it, we think it is worth going the extra mile to do so," Deming added. 

Memorial Hospital of Tampa released the following statement to Bay News 9 which reads in part: 

"At this time we are still waiting on the results of a very detailed analysis we have commissioned to determine if the steeple can be relocated and if it can be done so safely." 

The Seminole Heights Baptist Church is scheduled for demolition on June 1.