WESLEY CHAPEL, Fla. — Seventy-year-old Alfredo Dupree and his older brother, 73-year-old Dennis Harrell meet regularly for video chats.

What You Need To Know

  • Alfredo Dupree and Dennis Harrell were adopted into different families

  • Recently their families submitted the men in for geneology programs and they found each other

  • The 2 men met last Easter

They talk about the weather, their love of sports and check on each other's children.

Dupree lives in Wesley Chapel, Harrell in Connecticut.

You'd never guess listening to these two talk, they recently found out each other even existed. They recently met after more than 70 years.

"I got a brother," said Dupree through tears. "I got a brother."

"This was God," said Harrell while getting emotional. "I mean after 73 years and you finally find a brother, who else could do that?"

Both boys were adopted into different families.

Dennis Harrell as a child. (Dennis Harrell)
Dennis Harrell as a child. (Dennis Harrell)

As babies in Brooklyn, they even lived blocks away from one another for awhile.

"We used to play a lot of sandlot,” said Dupree.

"We used to play a lot of stickball,” shared Harrell.

The brothers are getting to know each other.

"We’re catching up but there’s a connection and we still have a lot more to catch up on," said Dupree.

The brothers both agree there was a connection from the first phone call, which happened Super Bowl Sunday.

It turns out both families submitted the guys to a genealogy site. They were a match.

"We were on the phone for an hour and a half laughing just talking, having a good time."

Alfredo Dupree as a child. (Alfredo Dupree)
Alfredo Dupree as a child. (Alfredo Dupree)

The men and their families then met in person Easter weekend. 

"He came around the corner and he said 'oh, man' and that was it," said Dupree. " I just looked at him and I knew it was my brother.”

"Now I have a brother," said Harrell with a big smile on his face.

It was an emotional time.

"When we got away from everybody we talked about it, we were just happy, just happy," said Dupree through tears.

It was an exciting time.

"We had the hug and then we started comparing each other and she said, we got the same eyes and if you could, we got the same skinny legs,” said Harrell, laughing.

"You look at him, you see me. You look at me, you see him," said Dupree. "When we’re standing and talking to somebody, the mannerisms are all the same.”

The brothers share the same sentiment for the future.

"I’m just thinking about all the adventures we’re going to be able to have now,” said Harrell.

"I just want to be around him,” said Dupree.