TAMPA — Young adults entering the workforce for the first time received some job-ready training from CareerSource Tampa Bay.

What You Need To Know

  • CareerSource Tampa Bay says job market looks promising for Hillsborough County youth

  • Many part-time summer jobs are available

  • CareerSource offers training and other programs

"Sometimes you have to go out there and get out of your comfort zone," 17-year-old Miranda Mercado told Spectrum Bay News 9.

Mercado says she is shier than she would like to be. So, as she gets closer to graduating High School and enters the job market, she joined the leadership academy to improve her skillset.

"You have to put time and effort into it. You can't expect everything to fall into your lap," Mercado added. 

Versatility, time management and confidence are just some of the key tools Mercado and other young adults learned during the week-long program. 

This year, CareerSource says it had more more than 1,000 job vacancies to fill, 700 youth candidates and more than 160 employer applicants for its third annual Summer Job Connection.

Jody Toner with CareerSource Tampa Bay says it's a strong indicator of what's to come with the job market in Hillsborough County, especially for young adults. 

Many small businesses are seeking part-time help. 

Chauncey Johnson, 16, just landed his first job after completing CareerSource's 2021 work-ready training. His ultimate goal is to be an air traffic controller.

"Hopefully, I can see opportunities. If my dream job don't work [I'll] probably see another opportunity," said Johnson. 

CareerSource manages payroll for the employers and pays $12 an hour for up to 30 hours a week. 

Training for young and older adults is an ongoing effort by CareerSource Tampa Bay. 

More available programs can be found here.

You can start your search for a new job here.