MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. — How did artists get through the pandemic? With more abstract work.

Art Center Manatee's latest show is called “The Colors of Life.”

“It's big and bright and bold,” said Carla Neirman the Executive Director of Art Center Manatee in Bradenton. “And we selected this particular exhibit because we felt like we were coming out of a dark period.”

“It is intended to make your heart soar and bring some color and spring into our lives,” Neirman added. 

They also found more artists turned in abstract work than before.

“We have no idea,” said Neirman. “Maybe it's an expression of the times.” 

 In a naturalistic expression of the times, there is a mosaic art likeness of Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman at the January Presidential Inauguration.

The artist is donating the work to a local African American advocacy group in another expression of the times — artists supporting all The Colors of Life.

You can enjoy the exhibition “The Colors of Life” at Art Center Manatee through June 25.