If you have any extra pet food, a group in Pasco County could use it.

Cindy’s Pets helps give food to the pets of seniors in need, many who may feed their animals before themselves.

What You Need To Know

  • Cindy’s Pets provides food to the pets of seniors in need

  • The organization delivers 2,000 pounds of pet food a month across Pasco

  • Pasco County's Tax Collector is raising money for them

One senior, who wants to go by Betty for this story, is one of them.

“My pets are my life. They’re my children. I’d feed them before I feed myself actually,” she said.

Turns out, there are a lot of seniors in need who would say that same thing.

That's why Cindy's Pets was started.

Volunteers in Pasco County get together to divvy up more than 2,000 pounds of pet food a month. Then, they deliver the food to seniors who need it for their pets.

Missy Nurrenbrock started Cindy’s Pets in 2010, naming it after her sister, who was an animal lover.

She partnered with Meals On Wheels to see who needed food for dogs, cats and other animals.

Now her volunteers serve 300 pets a month across Pasco County.

“The seniors are very grateful,” Nurrenbrock said. “At times, we may be the only visitors they may have during the month, besides Meals On Wheels.”

It’s all to keep lending a helping paw to those who need it.

“Cindy’s pets has been a blessing,” Betty said. “My dog’s name is Zane, which means gift from God. Cindy’s Pets is like a gift from God.”

Cindy’s Pets does this all through donations and fundraisers, and right now, the Pasco County Tax collector is accepting cash donations for the organization through the month of June.

For more information on how to donate, visit the tax collector's website.