TAMPA — According to Florida health officials, it's looking more likely it will not be a good beach weekend in Tampa Bay this Father's Day celebration.

What You Need To Know

The Department of Health in Hillsborough County issued an advisory for Davis Island Beach and Ben T Davis Beach due to high bacteria levels.

They said it should be considered a potential risk to the bathing public and swimming is not recommended.

Samples taken Wednesday were above threshold for enterococci bacteria.

The advisory is not a ban of the beaches but health officials said it's not a good idea to get in the water.

"If you ingest it because you're swimming or you have a scratch on your leg and you get that water within your body, you can get an infection and you can have some other serious effects as a result," explained Health Department PIO Kevin Watler.

This regularly happens during rainy season.

The storm water runoff flowing into the Bay and carrying pet feces into the water.

While Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission posted on their website swimming is safe for most people even in red tide waters.

However, it stated red tide can cause skin irritation, burning eyes and some may experience respiratory irritation--coughing, sneezing and itchy throat.

The bacteria situation in Hillsborough is not related to red tide.

The Hillsborough beaches will be re-sampled on or around Tuesday of next week to see if the advisory will be lifted.