For most parents, thinking about their kids takes up a large part of their day.

However, when it comes to planning for hurricane preps, basic essentials like diapers and baby wipes sometimes get accidentally left off the list.

What You Need To Know

  • A Tampa Bay fitness group collects diapers

  • They're donated to BabyCycle Diaper Bank

  • Families in need can get those diapers and other essential items to stock up on hurricane supplies

  • Your hurricane supply checklist

If money is tight in a household, stocking up on those types of essential items can seem almost impossible.

“As we all know, being a parent can be incredibly rewarding. But let’s be honest, it’s also incredibly difficult, and it’s so important to have a supportive community around you to help you through those tough times,” said Erinn Dejose the owner of iStroll Tampa.

Almost every day, you can find Dejose helping parents get in shape.

She’s been leading iStroll Tampa for years and loves giving back. 

For her, it’s about more than just the workouts. 

As a mom of three, she knows how hard it can be to get enough of the basics.

“Especially during hurricane season, there has been many times where I personally have been to Target or Publix and they’re completely out of diapers,” she said. 

All of the diapers collected during iStoll Tampa’s diaper drive workout will be sent to Babycycle Diaper Bank where they are in desperate need of larger size diapers and pull-ups.

The diaper bank’s director, Jillia Koger, says about one in three Bay area families constantly have to choose between purchasing diapers, paying bills and buying food.

“Diapers are not covered by government assistance. You cannot buy diapers with your SNAP benefits. You can’t buy diapers with WIC,” Koger said.

Typically, a family will spend $100 a month to diaper one child, and when you add two or three, it can get very expensive.

And the bigger the diaper size, the more the box costs.

“These families — they can’t afford month to month, let alone stocking up for a disaster,” she said.

As for Dejose and the moms of iStoll Tampa, they’re trying their best to set an example for their kids.

“We are showing our kids how important it is to live a healthy life,” she said.

Along with larger size diapers and pull-ups, Babycycle also needs wipes, formula and extra baby food to help families prepare for hurricanes and other natural disasters.