TAMPA BAY, Fla. — Despite the pandemic, the Tampa Bay area continues to boast one of the most vibrant and active craft beer communities in the nation. Bay News 9’s Brews Dispatch checks in regularly to find out what’s happening with our local breweries, behind the bar and behind the scenes. Got any related news? Let us know.

What You Need To Know

  • A national craft beer deals concern has come to Tampa Bay 

  • TBBC, 3 Daughters and more are bringing out their summer sours

  • Check back often for Tampa Bay craft beer updates

National craft beer tasting network/online dealbroker Craftapped is now in Florida, and offering a discounted package that’ll get you discounted bevvies in 90 spots across the state at the low, low price of just $9.99 for the first year. That’s a lot of beers, people, including too many Tampa Bay area purveyors to list here. Check out the deal.

TBBC (formerly Tampa Bay Brewing Company) has announced that their amazing summer sour Slaughtermelon is back. The company made their name on more classic styles back in the day, but their sours are on point, and you shouldn’t miss out on this tasty, quenching watermelon sour, which hits their taprooms on July 3 alongside perennial favorite Florida Tart.

It may be a bit off the beaten path for craft beer fans that like to stroll downtowns from brewery to brewery, but Dissent Craft Brewing Co. out on Haines Road in St. Pete is well worth the trip. They just announced the release of their Aggressive Sparkler Berliner, a new take on their Bomp Bop popsicle Berliner with blue raspberry, lime and cherry flavors — it’s like a bomb pop for adults, minus chasing the ice cream truck down the road. It’s only available this weekend, so I guess there is an element of chasing the ice cream truck down the road.

One of the Bay area’s biggest craft brewers, 3 Daughters, is offering a special deal through the month of July: You’ll get a bonus $10 for every $50 you buy in gift cards. We don’t have to tell you that you can buy gift cards for yourself, right?

And finally, in peripherally related local booze news, Bay area distilleries are celebrating the passage of new state legislation that loosens restrictions on local makers of spirits. One of the many, many new state laws going into effect allows local distilleries to increase production, sell more of their wares in their tasting rooms (and other local outlets), and generally compete against massive global corporate entities, at least on a local scale. Slainte!