ORLANDO — Protesters were in downtown Orlando Sunday showing support for the Cuban people as protests have been going on for weeks hoping it will create a change.

Caridad Reyes has family in Cuba. She came out to the rally on Sunday.

She is worried about her family and the people living in Cuba as she said they cannot get basic necessitates. She is hoping a change comes soon.

“First thing they need is freedom, when they have freedom are going to have everything.”

She is very worried about her 82-year-old brother who has diabetes and contracted COVID-19.

“They have nothing, nothing, no sanitizer, no good condition in the hospital, everything they need.”

She said he's not the only one. People can't get medicine,  the internet is controlled, and they can't get basic necessities.

“They need freedom, no more communism, and they need a better life," Reyes said.

People who attended Sunday's rally are also hoping the U.S., government can step in and provide assistance to the Cuban people.