NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. — A Pasco County woman is showing love and understanding to kids with a comb, clippers, and scissors.

At the Downtown Hair Lounge in New Port Richey, Amber Kelly works her magic as the “Kid Whisperer.”

Kelly has a full service and award winning shop.  But the little ones always sit in her chair.

What You Need To Know

“You just have to be super patient because they’re going to move the whole time,” Kelly said. (You just) got to be quick with it and make it more fun.”

And fun is something you’ll find here the minute the front door opens.

Emersen White is autistic and fidgets while getting a haircut. But Kelly stays right with him.

While some shops may shy away from working with special needs kids this is where she truly shines.

“Someone told me about Amber and we came the first time and i was like ‘Oh my God, I’ll never go anywhere else again’,” said Emerson’s mom Jeane.

A mom of three, Kelly also volunteers at the Angelus House Group Home and the veterans’ alternative “Operation Stand Down” including free hair cuts and has monthly charity drives at her shop.

Oh, and she’s also a fire eater!

Most importantly, the kids who come here are family.

“There’s a bond with me and the child,” Kelly said. “And I get to watch them grow up and they just stick with me and it’s awesome.”