More than 400 murals look out onto the St. Pete landscape.

And there are multiple arts organizations in the city that are looking out for them.

Florida Craft Art got involved with the murals back in 2015,” said Janie Lorenz.

Lorenz helps organize Florida Craft Art’s original mural tour.

It's four blocks and 30 murals – and it starts right behind their own building before heading west.

“The Twiggy one that Chad Mize did is down there. And it's kind of a classic. It's one of my favorites,” said Lorenz about the local artist and gallery owner.

“So with the tours, we're able to share the artist's perspective on what that meant to them or why they chose what they did,” said Lorenz, noting many murals are filled with symbolism.

And also, many of the murals are courtesy of the Shine Mural Festival, coming this October.

Watch Virginia Johnson's video above for more.