Sue Prince is this year’s SilverSneakers nominee for the state of Florida and that didn’t come easy.

“Last month I went to the gym 31 times,” said Sue Prince.

Along with a great workout routine, Prince’s positive attitude and tenacity motivates those around her, especially at her home gym in Auburndale.

“SilverSneakers program works around your limitations,” said Prince. “They say if you can’t do this standing up — this is how you do it sitting down and so we always have two different ways to do the exercise, so you don’t have to feel like you can’t do this.”

Prince said she had a hip replacement but instead of staying home to rest, she asked her doctor if she could stay active in the gym.

“He said staying moving was a good part of my physical therapy,” said Prince. “So, when I learned I was this year's Florida nominee for the SilverSneakers recognition, I was really excited.”

To be eligible for SilverSneakers, members should be 65 or older. There is no physical obstacle or disability required to be a member, however the classes and exercises are designed to support seniors with varying needs.

The program encourages them to try less traditional work out routines so they can still achieve their overall goals.

“There were over 100 nominations from across the country and I was chosen as the only top 10 finalist from Florida,” said Prince.

If Prince wins she will be ranked the Top SilverSneakers member for 2021.

“A lot of friends and people at the center to vote for me so we’re going to find out who the actual winner is, but nobody else in Florida made it and only 10 people in the whole United States made it,” said Prince.

At 82 years old, Prince is an example that age is not a barrier, it’s a bridge.